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Here are a few of the current items we have found to be worth a read. If you have further questions on something you read, give me a call!

IRS offers free tax guide for the military


The IRS is celebrating Military Appreication Month with a free tax guide for the military - Publication 3. This guide offers guidelines on potential deductions, combat pay, credits and other various items. 




Small Business Outlook " Somewhat Positive"


According to a recent article in Accounting Today, the newest survey from Thumbtack and Bloomberg is indicating that employers are feeling better about the economy in general. for the full article, please follow the link below.


Beware of Phishing


If you receive an email asking for personal information from the IRS, do not immediately respond. Instead, revierw these helpful links to determine if it is legitimately from the IRS and is not an attempt at phishing. 



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