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Who We Are

Principal Accountant


My name is Melissa Bright and not only am I a Certified Public Accountant, I am the founder of Melissa Bright, CPA, PLLC. After spending eight years working for various local public accounting firms, I saw a need for a more individualized service, in particular, entrepreneurs. I'm a big proponent of small businesses. I love to be able to assist business owners with their questions and concerns. I love to problem solve and take shoeboxes (figurative and literal) and help produce viable and understandable information that the owner can use. I love being there at the beginning, watching them grow and learn, answering their questions and being part of their journey. I always want my clients to know that if they have a question or a concern, they can always ask me - no question is unimportant. Being a CPA is more than being a bean counter, it's about education, support and planning. As I tell my clients, my friends and my family, “Taxes aren’t scary. The unknown is scary.” So let’s be brave. Let’s be Bright. Let’s grow together.

Our Firm


Time matters and these days it seems like time is of short supply. Some days there is just not enough 


time in the day to get to every item on your list. That’s why Melissa Bright, CPA, PLLC offers mobile 


services. Let us come to you to discuss your tax issues. Whether you need business or personal tax 


preparation, have questions concerning bookkeeping or need assistance with a special project, we can 


bring convenience to you.

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